14 thoughts on “ABRSM Piano 2015-2016, Grade 5, 60s Swing, Evelien Vis, C3

  1. Hi! If you wouldn’t mind, could I possibly have a copy of the music sheets? I seem to have misplaced my Grade 5 book! Thank you so much x

  2. HI I’m desparate for a copy of this sheet music. we have the book at home but my son has left it at home. any chance you can send me a copy asap?

  3. Hi could I get the sheet music as well please – really enjoyed this piece when I played it in my exam and just want to be able to learn how to play it again

  4. Hi, I heard this music piece being played at a fashion show and I cannot seem to find the sheet music. Can you please send it to me? I really would like to play it.

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